【2020?新作】 カミナリ 長袖Tシャツ KMLT-151 TRANSAM510 旧車柄 エフ商会 メンズ ロンtee ブラック 新品-Tシャツ・カットソー

【2020?新作】 カミナリ 長袖Tシャツ KMLT-151 TRANSAM510 旧車柄 エフ商会 メンズ ロンtee ブラック 新品-Tシャツ・カットソー

カミナリ 長袖Tシャツ KMLT-151 TRANSAM510 旧車柄 エフ商会 メンズ ロンtee ブラック 新品

カミナリ(Kaminari 雷)は、TEDMAN'S(テッドマンズ)、粋狂(SUIKYO)、爆烈爛漫娘(ばくれつらんまんむすめ)、ANTI(アンチ)、BLOOD MESSAGE(ブラッドメッセージ)、Peak'd Yellow(Peaked Yellow ピークドイエロー)を手掛ける日本の服飾アパレルブランド「エフ商会」が展開するカジュアルウェアレーベルです。



そのエフ商会・KAMINARI(カミナリ 雷)の
長袖Tシャツ(メンズ ロンtee ロングスリーブTシャツ)です。








作品名は「LOT:KMLT-151 TRANSAM510 トランザム510」です。

ダットサンブルーバード(DATSUN 510)をオマージュした古き良き時代の昭和モダン旧車デザインです。TRANSAMシリーズのレースで71年、72年の連続でアルファやBMWの強豪を退けてシリーズチャンピオンに輝き、大活躍したDATSUN510のパロディーデザインです。バックのグラフィックは当時レースにゲスト参加したゼッケン85をモチーフにしています。


Product Description in English

Kaminari Men's Long Sleeve T-shirt Japanese Old Car KMLT-151

Fit : Japanese size (It is smaller than american standard sizes)
Gender : Men
Collar : Ribbed crew neck with neck bands with double stitching.
Body : Side seam construction
Style : Casual
Material : Cotton
Fabric Type : Preshrunk jersey knit
Pattern Type : Print
Sleeve Style : Set-in sleeves
Sleeve Length : Long
Other details : Shoulder-to-shoulder tape, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems, Incorporates a double layer of fabric on the inside back neck for reinforcing, Small flap pocket at the left sleeve.

Made in China.
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
The model is wearing size 40(Medium). Height:5feet 9inch(1.75m), weight:134pound(61kg)

*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.
*Please refer to size chart for sizing.

Kaminari is a label spun-off from casualwear brand EFU-SHOKAI in Japan.
And its focus is on the symbolic garments with design of a good old age in Japan.

Kaminari produces the symbolic garments with design of retro and nostalgic for the good old days called "Showa Modan". Showa Modan is the culture of the compromise between Japanese and American and European styles that started at the beginning of the Showa period. Showa is the period of Japanese from 1926 through 1989.

Featuring "Showa Modan" designs, the lineup includes pieces in Japanese sizes and silhouettes, with the materials and details retooled for today's taste.

These are not just merely Japanese good old patterns, but pieces that have been enhanced with casual styles.

The clothing is produced to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town.

Here is one piece from the Kaminari brand : a long-sleeved T-shirt with pull-over, crew-neckline, set-in-sleeves for men.

Made of preshrunk 100%-cotton medium-weight jersey knit fabric.
The fabric is high quality. it combines the durability and the natural softness for comfort.

This item is washed for fade and a broken-in appearance.

Small flap pocket at the left sleeve.

Incorporates a double layer of fabric on the inside back neck for reinforcing.

Shoulder-to-shoulder inside reinforcing taping helps prevent raveling and rip-out.

Tag at the back neck and left sleeve opening.

Patterns are discharge printed.
Discharge printing : The pattern bleached into the fabric and then dyed in colours that apply to the pattern. it brings out a soft and a dry touch feelings.

Model name : KAMINARI T-shirt KMLT-151 Men's Long Sleeve Tee

The design of this T-shirt is inspired by Datsun 510 (Vintage Japanese cars, Classic Japanese cars).

kaminari-rodeo-japan efu-shokai-rodeo-japan
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【2020?新作】 カミナリ 長袖Tシャツ KMLT-151 TRANSAM510 旧車柄 エフ商会 メンズ ロンtee ブラック 新品-Tシャツ・カットソー。

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